H.R. McMaster’s Possible Successor


According to sources, H.R. McMaster might be on his way out by the end of the next month. McMaster’s potential replacement remains unknown, though similar sources are suggesting a strange choice (though not so strange, if you look at the makeup of the rest of the Trump foreign policy team since the summer of 2017): Steven Biegun, an executive with the Ford Motor Company as well as a former George W. Bush national security policy adviser.

His two most salient policy stances are: a support of the Iraq War in 2003 as well as being ardently pro-Free Trade. In light of recent Trump administration decisions, this seems like an odd potential pick (again, nothing has been confirmed. But, if true it would signal a degree of continuity with previous Republican foreign policy leaders. While many Trump voters may be disappointed if the Trump foreign policy begins to mirror GOP orthodoxy too much, it remains to be seen how far down the nation-building/democratic globalist rabbit hole the White House will go. Needless to say, Biegun certainly is qualified for the position and is a highly respected figure.

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