Putin Is Not A Defender of Western Civilization

Based on his actions, his rhetoric, and his associations with men like Aleksandr Dugin, then, Vladimir Putin is no defender of Western Civilization. On the contrary, Mr. Putin is attempting to destroy Western Civilization. And he just might get what he wants.

Is Russia Losing in Ukraine? Don’t Be So Sure…

Mainstream American analysts have been wrong from the start on the war in Ukraine. Even if they have gotten some details correct, they are missing the picture: there is no rolling Russian power back in Ukraine and should Russia exhaust itself militarily, there is no guarantee that Putin will not attempt to escalate into a wider regional war–with WMDs having been deployed–nor is there a guarantee that any diplomatic settlement will be conducive to Washington or Kiev.

How America Loses the Next War

When asked by OAN’s Kara McKinney what’s the most unexpected thing I learned about US space policy, I answered: “How unaware even our political leaders about space.” It where America will lose the next war.

China’s Space Supremacy

Both the Trump and Biden administrations stopped the Pentagon from adopting measures to protect our satellites from China and Russia. What is wrong with those responsible for protecting #America?