Recent Earthquake in Northwest China Might Have Been Something More…

Chinese-affiliated Social Media reports that the recent earthquake in Qilian Shan in Northwestern China may have been a covert Chinese nuke test. I explain why that might be and how the China-Russia alliance may not be as strong as some are saying…

How America Loses the Next War

When asked by OAN’s Kara McKinney what’s the most unexpected thing I learned about US space policy, I answered: “How unaware even our political leaders about space.” It where America will lose the next war.

China’s Space Supremacy

Both the Trump and Biden administrations stopped the Pentagon from adopting measures to protect our satellites from China and Russia. What is wrong with those responsible for protecting #America?

Explosions in Space: A Russian Show of Strength

Brandon J. Weichert: Moscow recently clashed with Washington over its military build-up near Ukraine. It knows the US relies more heavily on satellites “than any other nation on Earth” – for civilian infrastructure and for its military, which could be left “impotent” if key satellites were disabled. In endangering the ISS so recklessly, Moscow is letting its opponents know “just how far it is willing to go to achieve its strategic objectives”.

The Facts of the Russia-Ukraine War. The Corrupt Relationship Between US Elites & China. The Truth About the JFK Assassination.

Weichert addresses corruption among American elites and their Chinese counterparts. He describes the situation in Ukraine with Russia. And Weichert talks about the ins-and-outs of the truth about the JFK assassination with Seth Leibsohn on his Phoenix radio show.