Why Are We Trusting the Chinese Numbers on Coronavirus?


Reports are pouring out of Wuhan, China indicating that many more people have died from the novel coronavirus than what the Chinese Communist Party has said. This should surprise no one. As I have written often, Communist regimes lie. About everything. Anything that can make the regime look bad is covered up and downplayed and anything that might make the regime look good is trumped up and repeated until everyone is tired of hearing about it.

Courtesy of Fox News.

When it comes to the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, this incident could very well be the Chinese Communist Party’s “Chernobyl” as one astute writer put it recently. Although, I’d not write the Chinese off just yet. Whereas the Soviet Union was a hobbled leviathan, mostly isolated and alone from the world trading network that their American rival sat atop of during the Cold War, the People’s Republic of China is an integral component of the global economy. As you’ve seen with the two month-long shutdown of China, global demand plummeted, prompting a massive oil price war between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Russian Federation–with US shale production being the likely victim of that conflict.

Anyway, the CCP lied about the timeline of the outbreak of the COVID-19 disease–by at least two months. In fact, as I exclusively reported (which has now been picked up by others in the media), Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) is not crazy for having questioned the origins of the COVID-19 strain itself. He, like me, believes that the COVID-19 strain emanated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a Chinese military affiliated lab that specialized in coronavirus research. Also, China has spent the last few years stealing data from the National Institute of Health (NIH) here in the US and from Canada’s only Level 4 virology lab in Winnipeg that specifically pertained to coronaviruses, HIV, Ebola, and cancer. The COVID-19 strain is a chimera that contains the genetic material of HIV, Ebola, and cancer. While many scientists in the West have insisted this is not proof of human manipulation, until we see the actual data tables from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (which will never be allowed), we in the West will never know for certain as to the origins of this pernicious disease.

What’s more, the regime in China has lied heavily about the timeline and extent of the disease outbreak. If reports coming from people on the ground (and unconfirmed intel reports) are accurate, then the number of urns the Chinese government has been shipping into Wuhan to bury the cremated remains of those who have been killed by COVID-19 since the outbreak began, is far greater than the official number reported. Beyond that, Beijing’s claims that China has “cleared” the COVID-19 outbreak appear to be premature, to say the least. Recently, Beijing began closing down movie theaters and other areas where large groups of people congregate–exactly as they had done in February, once Beijing recognized the threat that COVID-19 represented.

It has also been reported that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is “furious” with Beijing because there are apparently many more deaths in China than what Beijing had reported to the international community. Since the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for Disease Control, and the rest of the Western world’s infectious disease experts all (stupidly) relied on data from China, Johnson is rightly aware that all of the models they’ve been using to predict the timing and severity of the COVID-19 response are likely wrong. This also means that the damage to the economy and to both the United States and United Kingdom’s population will be longer lasting than previously predicted.

The international community should be furious with Beijing for what was clearly a great cover-up about the number of infected. The world should further demand that Beijing unveil its data tables–without any interference or interpretation from Chinese sources–from their virology lab in Wuhan to the West for independent analysis. Only then can we rule out the potential that China created the COVID-19 strain in a lab. More importantly, since there’s no way of knowing whether China’s numbers as to the extent and severity of the disease outbreak in China is, it is likely that we might have to endure a longer phase of “social distancing” until we can be certain we’ve “flattened the curve” in American hospitals (which we’ve not thus far, as New York and Seattle have proven).

Whatever your opinion on the president’s handling of this outbreak (I think it has generally been good, with some significant failures interspersed by strong leadership and decisive action since the initial ambivalence toward the outbreak), one thing we should all agree on–that the WHO clearly does not–is that the CCP lies. We should not be making any serious commitments based on the bad data coming out of China (which I warned audiences about at the start of February).

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