Bezos Blasts Into Space – Brandon J. Weichert on NDTV

Brandon J. Weichert joined NDTV in the opening few minutes to share his thoughts about Jeff Bezos’ successful (brief) trip to space aboard a rocket of his own making…

Courtesy of NDTV.

Be sure to purchase the book that Gordon G. Chang says “God help us if we do not listen” to the policies prescribed in its pages…

1 Comment

  1. So sick of the rich douchebags wasting billions on ego trips to shallow Space, as shallow as they are. Spewing millions of tons of pollution into the atmosphere and upper atmosphere for no reason whatsoever to create an industry for other douchebags to waste millions for a few minutes of weightlessness while causing more damage and not helping matters on earth at all. I wish they’d all blow up on the launchpad for the rest of us to watch and cheer.


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