INTERVIEW: Brandon J. Weichert w/ Dino Costa of THE DINO REPORT 1 March 2017

I was interviewed on 1 March 2017 by the great Dino Costa of The Dino Report, a radio show that talks about both sports and politics out of St. Louis, MO. I spoke about my recent two articles over at American Greatness on Donald Trump and where his presidency, conservatism, the country, and the international order are headed.

Here are my articles on the subject:

Media Has Some Nerve

The Beltway Boys Still Don’t Get It

Russian “Hacking”

Trump Is Republicans’ FDR

CSMonitor Interview w/ Me About How Trump Is the GOP’s FDR

Containing Congressional Cowardice

We’re Not Tired Of Winning Yet

China Doesn’t Want A Better Deal

Trump’s Governing Agenda: A Marathon Not A Sprint

Democrats Have Chosen Defeat

Trump Needs to Be Trump Tonight

Donald Trump Hasn’t Changed–And That’s A Good Thing

It’s Samuel P. Huntington’s World

Don’t Freak Out: Putin Is Trolling America

A China-Russia Alliance

The End of Globalization VLOG

Putin’s Race Against the Clock


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