Dear Experts: No, We Are Not Approaching Global Disorder

At a time when the established order is being swiftly overturned, the voices of the status quo continue claiming that we are fast entering a world of disorder. I disagree. In this piece, I critique the cult of the expert and posit that we are headed for one of the greatest periods of stability in history.

Will Alberta Secede From Canada? Ask the Wildrose Party!

The anti-globalization trend that allowed for Brexit, that elected Donald Trump, and that is empowering Marine La Pen in France and the AfD in Germany will soon hit Canada. Specifically, Alberta, the energy-rich province of Canada has long sought secession from Ottawa. In this piece I briefly detail how the Wildrose Party, Alberta’s secessionist Alt-Right party, is increasing its power and is poised to win the provincial election in 2019. This could also determine whether Alberta becomes America’s 51st state.