China Could Gain Dominance with This ‘One’ Key Thing – Brandon J. Weichert on Mornings w/ Maria Bartiomo

Brandon J. Weichert joins Fox Business Channel’s Maria Bartiomo to discuss the true nature of China’s threat to America’s global dominance. We are on notice, as Rumsfeld used to say, but we have not noticed.

China’s Quest for Exotic Tech: Brain Control Interface

Exotic Technology is becoming normalized in our era. A great technology for exotic tech dominance is shaping up between the West and China. And it is not a guarantee that the West will win, as evidenced by the nascent race for Brain-Control Interfaces.

Biden Delays Chinese Military-Related Investment Ban – NTD

Kevin Hogan of NTV sat down with geopolitical analyst, Brandon J. Weichert, to discuss the Biden Administration’s recent decision to delay a Trump Administration executive order banning the purchase of defense-related products from China by the United States Department of Defense.