Au Revoir, Afghanistan! Until We Meet Again…

needed to end this thing in Afghanistan…but we need to do it smartly, not wildly screaming for the exits, hoping that Beijing, Moscow, Islamabad, and New Delhi can keep everything together. They can’t–and won’t.

What the Hell Were We Thinking?! Afghanistan Edition

We have become like the Soviets in Afghanistan: attempting to impose a bizarre, foreign ideology upon an ancient, traditional, alien people. The results have been as disastrous for the US as it was for the USSR. Have we learned our lesson or are we doomed to repeat these mistakes ad nauseam?

Jimmy Carter: The Indecisive Hawk

“Thus, Jimmy Carter was an indecisive hawk whose legacy will plague this country for decades to come. Thankfully, his was but one term in office. What fail few to grasp is just how dangerous hawkishness can be–especially when it is embraced by an unserious president, like Carter. Although, indecision is a real killer of presidencies.”