The Cost of National Defense Is a National Threat

“One of the biggest hurdles to properly defending the country in today’s complex threat environment is the fact that the costs are too damn high. Lower those costs through free market reforms — by allowing for real competition within the DoD’s procurement process — and you’ll make things like space defense a reality in a short time.”

America’s Broken Defense Budget

The House of Representatives have passed the National Defense Authorization Act up to the Senate. It represents one of the most wasteful budgets in history. I explain why our defense budget is broken and what we must do to repair it before it’s too late.

Why the Deputy Secretary of Defense Matters: The Case for Robert O. Work

In my most recent piece over at American Greatness, I make the case that current Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert O. Work should remain in place for at least the first 3-6 months of the incoming Trump Administration (possibly even longer than that, given his unique talents and abilities).