VLOG: Population Pushes Politics

This VLOG is about how fertility rates and demographics are responsible for all issues facing humanity in the next century. Specifically, the decline of demographics throughout the world will impact the way that human affairs takes shape.

VLOG: The Breakdown of the State

In this VLOG, I discuss the trend of anti-globalization, nationalism, and populism responding to the perceived failures of Neoliberalism and Globalization, as well as the breakdown of the social contract between the governed and those who govern in countries throughout the world. These trends are not going away

Anti-Globalization, Race, and Populism in South Africa Today

South Africa has been torn apart by racial strife for decades. Despite its perceived economic success in recent years, much like the rest of the West, that wealth has only been in the hands of a small elite. The rest of the country has suffered. As such, the old racial divisions between white and black in South Africa are bubbling up to the surface and combining with the reactionary, anti-globalization fervor sweeping the world. As the presidential elections of 2019 fast approach, find out where I think things are headed

A China-Russia Alliance Is Neither Permanent Nor Strong

In this new article on the Chinese and Russian alliance (a.k.a Chussia), I posit that it is neither as strong nor as durable as many mainstream Western analysts claim (the same analysts who have missed every major global event these last few years). In fact, this article outlines why the Sino-Russian relationship is weakening and how the next couple of years are a pristine opportunity for America to cleave Russia away from China.

Making Mexico Pay For the Wall

The Trump Administration has promised to not only build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, but that Mexico will pay for that wall. Yet, imposing a tariff would likely cause a global reaction against America and simply taxing remittances is insufficient. Therefore, in my newest article over at American Greatness, I advocate for increasing regulations of U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas exports into Mexico until they consent to pay for the wall.

Let’s Build A League of Democracies

In my most recent article over at American Greatness, I assert that globalism is dead. Globalization has ended. And, in order for the U.S. to secure its interests in this increasingly parochial world, the U.S. must create an informal alliance of like minded Western democracies to secure its interests.