President Biden Can Now Fire General Milley

Mark Milley is a skilled political operator. But he’s not as skilled as he thinks. Milley’s actions in the final year of the Trump Administration and his recent testimony undermining President Joe Biden’s Afghanistan exit have now created the context necessary for Milley to be removed by Biden without much fuss from the press.

I’m With Stupid: How America’s Elite Betrayed the US and Inspired Our Enemies

America’s enemies (and allies) have long assumed that, because we’re the lone Superpower, we were governed by evil geniuses. They are now realizing, in fact, we are government by idiots. While it’s nice to be loved it’s good to be feared. Nothing good comes from being deemed big and dumb…which China, Russia, Iran, and our other rivals now do, thanks to the horrible debacle in Afghanistan.

General Milley’s Comments: Grossly Cynical, Not Woke

Most of America’s elites believe that the Left is the dominant force in American politics. As J.D. Vance recently pointed out at the Claremont Institute, they’re probably right. Milley’s recent comments on Critical Race Theory do not reveal his “woke-ness” but his extreme cynicism: in order to get greater funding for the military, he believes he must kowtow to the Left and impugn the Right. It’s as simple as that.