Trump’s Grand Plan for Russia

“Continuing to obsess over Europe, or further enmeshing the ailing Russian Federation into the tribal politics of the Middle East, is not in Moscow’s long-term strategic interests.

Washington must recognize this reality and create more amicable relations with Moscow.  If it can, then Putin will complete his securitization of Russia’s troubled periphery.  A lasting entente between the United States, Europe, and Russia would help to stabilize Russia’s western periphery.  Together with the United States (and Israel), the Russians could pulverize the remaining terrorist strongholds in the Muslim world that buttresses Russia’s south.  Then Russia could fully focus on complicating Chinese grand strategy by reinvigorating its position in the Far East.”

VLOG: Settling the Kuril Islands Dispute

With the recent Financial Times article talking about a potential pending settlement of the ongoing Kuril Islands Dispute that has existed since 1945 between Russia and Japan, I took to the web to remind everyone that we are The Weichert Report have been talking about this deal since before the media even knew what the Kuril Island Dispute was. Here is my take on the events. Plus, I offer some insight into Scotch.