The Pentagon Should File for a Divorce From the F-35

The F-35 is a boondoggle and the Department of Defense seems incapable of terminating the program. The need for a new warplane is vital. But, the best replacement, the F-22, has been ignored and downsized to our nation’s peril. This article advocates for a return of the F-22 and an end to the blind commitment that the DoD has for the F-35.

Stealth Is So 1990’s. Hypersonic Is the Future!

Stealth technology was revolutionary when it was first unveiled in action during Desert Storm. However, in recent years, U.S. adversaries have become increasingly adept at countering stealth technology. With talk of a Sixth-Generation fighter jet under development, I believe that the U.S. must abandon its obsession with stealth and focus instead on overcoming the defenses of our adversaries with speed, altitude, and precise firepower.

How to Budget for Hard Power In the Age of Restraint

In an increasingly dangerous and fragmented world, the U.S. will need to deter its foes and reassure its friends. However, current economic conditions make such a policy dubious at best. Therefore, this article will discuss how key defense budget reforms will allow for the proper allocation of funds to support the deterrence and reassurance strategy.