There Is No United Europe. Act Accordingly.

The European Union is dead in all but name only. The U.S. needs to assist individual and sub-regional European states in addressing 1) Russian revanchism in the east, 2) the refugee flows from the south, and 3) the terrorist attacks going on in the north. This will require innovative thinking

Dear Experts: No, We Are Not Approaching Global Disorder

At a time when the established order is being swiftly overturned, the voices of the status quo continue claiming that we are fast entering a world of disorder. I disagree. In this piece, I critique the cult of the expert and posit that we are headed for one of the greatest periods of stability in history.

The Canadian Threat to America

My next article over at American Greatness. Canada, once our bucolic neighbor to the north, has become the land where our greatest foes–like the terrible northern wind–may soon emanate from, due to Canadian Socialist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s open borders mania.