The True Ambitions of Russian Foreign Policy

Most Western analysts are incorrect in their view on Russian foreign policy intentions. Very often, they focus solely on Russia’s western side and completely ignore Russia’s Far East. This backgrounder seeks to change that. After all, Russia without its Far East is not Russia. It is Muscovy. And that’s not a country, it’s an existential target.

VLOG: The Dawn of Tripolar Politics

In my most recent Video Blog, I address the budding Tripolar global order, in which the U.S. retains the dominant position but must be willing to deal on a more even basis with both the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation. I also urge the incoming Trump Administration to recognize the strategic overlap that the U.S. shares with Russia not only over terrorism, but also in curbing Chinese aggression in Southeast Asia.

VLOG: Settling the Kuril Islands Dispute

With the recent Financial Times article talking about a potential pending settlement of the ongoing Kuril Islands Dispute that has existed since 1945 between Russia and Japan, I took to the web to remind everyone that we are The Weichert Report have been talking about this deal since before the media even knew what the Kuril Island Dispute was. Here is my take on the events. Plus, I offer some insight into Scotch.