Who Believes the WHO in Wuhan – John Batchelor Show

The WHO has released its dubious findings (a year too late) on the origins of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China. Brandon J. Weichert joins John Batchelor and Gordon G. Chang to discuss why skepticism is in order.

China’s Quest for Exotic Tech: Brain Control Interface

Exotic Technology is becoming normalized in our era. A great technology for exotic tech dominance is shaping up between the West and China. And it is not a guarantee that the West will win, as evidenced by the nascent race for Brain-Control Interfaces.

America is Losing to China

In all aspects of the high-technology race, from space to biotech to green energy, China is catching up and, in some cases, may be ahead. In the all-important culture war between China and the West, China is stronger and more confident.