What the Hell Were We Thinking?! Afghanistan Edition

We have become like the Soviets in Afghanistan: attempting to impose a bizarre, foreign ideology upon an ancient, traditional, alien people. The results have been as disastrous for the US as it was for the USSR. Have we learned our lesson or are we doomed to repeat these mistakes ad nauseam?

Of Terror and Torture

“Fear drove American policymakers to abandon practices they deemed as too cumbersome for protecting Americans from terrorists. Their assumption was both right and wrong. I do believe that the CIA’s torture program helped to break otherwise implacable terrorists in time to save some American lives (and give other viable intelligence on terror operations and organization).”

Tactical Brilliance, Strategic Dissonance

America has become increasingly militarized at home and brilliant at tactical military victories abroad. However, it lacks strategic leadership and vision. This article argues that with the level of Strategic Dissonance we are currently experiencing, there is no wonder weapon available or in development today that will save America from its downward trajectory in foreign policy. What is needed is a revolution in strategic thought, not military affairs.