Naming Names: Why the West Must Adequately Define Its Jihadist Enemies

In the wake of revelations that the Benghazi Attacks were related to an ongoing U.S.-backed gun-running operation from Libya to Syria, I analyze how we have improperly defined our Jihadist adversaries, how we have conflated secular Arab dictatorships with Jihadists, and how it has led to a weakening of America’s position in the Middle East as well as weakening America’s position in fighting terrorism.

The Islamic State Strikes Germany; European Officials Slow to Respond

On July 19 a Hong Kong family was traveling on a train in southern Germany when they were attacked by a 17 year-old Afghan (of Pashtun origin) wielding an axe, intent on killing them in the name of the Islamic State.

Perverse Paradox: America’s Recent Legal Victory Over China Is Actually a Loss for Stability in Asia

The recent United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) ruling that China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea are categorically illegal will not bring much-needed stability to the Asia-Pacific. Indeed, this ruling will lead to still more instability. Read more to find out why.

History’s Discordant Rhyme: Understanding the Spanish & Syrian Civil Wars

The Spanish and Syrian Civil Wars, though separated by geography, culture, and history, share many remarkable similarities. Both were genocidal, brutal affairs. Both ended in tyranny of the masses. And both became proving grounds for the methods, powers, and ideologies that would dominate the world wars that succeeded these conflicts. If Mark Twain’s comment that “history doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme” is true, then I believe that we are on the cusp of another great power war. This article articulates why.

European Disunion? Ask the Germans.

As Germany goes, so goes the European Union. Most assume that the EU has weathered the storm of Brexit well. However, these analysts miss the key reason for Brexit: a mass immigration wave emanating from the current chaos that most of the Islamic world has been beset by. In such a circumstance, coupled with decreased economic productivity, the rise of Right-Wing Parties, such as Germany’s Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party will only increase and threaten Germany’s commitment to the European Union. Germany, unlike Britain, is the KEY driving force of the EU. Should Germany’s politics be subsumed by the refugee crisis, then expect European disintegration.

Turkish Coup Is Good for America, But if it Fails, Expect an Islamist Winter in Turkey

Turkey has erupted in a coup. It is believed that moderate Sufi Muslim elements within the police and military forces are responsible. I believe that, should the coup succeed, it would probably be good for American foreign policy–specifically the stabilization of Syria and the War Against the Islamic State–but should it fail, expect another Islamist Winter to fall over Turkey.

The Bastille Day Attacks: A Retaliation for the Loss of a Famed IS Commander?

On Bastille Day of 2016, a horrific terrorist attack has taken place in the bucolic French seaside town of Nice. Nearly 73 people are dead and over a hundred more are injured (with the death toll expected to rise). This is likely the result of the Islamic State and it is likely in response to the recent killing of famed Islamic State commander Abu Omar al-Shishani, and it symbolizes the extreme danger that the world faces, even as the Islamic State loses territory in Iraq.