Brandon J. Weichert Co-Hosted Seth & Chris Show at CPAC (Hour 3)

In the third and final hour of the Seth & Chris Show at CPAC, Brandon J. Weichert and senior contributor at American Greatness, Julie Kelly, spoke with Seth Leibsohn and Chris Buskirk on a variety of issues impacting U.S. national security and domestic tranquility.

Brandon J. Weichert Co-Hosts Seth & Chris Show at CPAC (Hour 2)

Brandon J. Weichert co-hosted the Seth & Chris Show at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland along with American Greatness contributor Julie Kelly. In the second hour, we spoke with PJ Media editor, Liz Shields and founder of the Millennial website, The Lone Conservative, Kassy Dillon.

Brandon J. Weichert Talks About the Iran Protests on the Seth & Chris Show

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s days are numbered, as geopolitical analyst, Brandon J. Weichert explains to Chris Buskirk of the Seth & Chris Show.

Brandon J. Weichert Discusses Strategic Culture, Russia, and Johnny Carson

In this video, geopolitical analyst and Contributing Editor to American Greatness, Brandon J. Weichert, joins Chris Buskirk on the Seth & Chris Show to discuss everything from Johnny Carson, to Cultural Marxism in schools, to creating a northern alliance consisting of the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Russia to compete against China.

Russia’s Threat Is Overhyped – The Seth & Chris Show

I was interviewed by Chris Buskirk of the “Seth & Chris Show” where I discussed my recent research into the Russian (non)-threat and how America is in danger of turning Russia into an actual threat, when it is in reality a potential strategic partner.