SpaceX Help with Ukraine in the War with Russia is a “Wake-Up Call”

Courtesy of The Epoch Times.

00:08 What is the significance of Russia’s using hypersonic missiles in combat? 02:19 The Fractional Orbital Bombardment system (FOBS) 04:19 Winning space: U.S. must secure technological advantage in space 08:48 How concerning are Elon Musk’s business ties with China? 13:43 The U.S. is falling behind in “Latent Industrial Capacity” 19:25 How effective are current supply chain legislation in congress? 24:12 How realistic is the prospect of decoupling from the Chinese regime? 27:12 The “zero-sum” thinking that blind U.S. leaders 29:07 Can the U.S. leverage any of China’s weaknesses? In the eyes of Brandon Weichert, author of “Winning Space, How America Remains a Superpower” and an expert in military technologies, what lessons can the United States learn from the Ukraine-Russian war? In this episode, Mr. Weichert and I talk about technological competition and supply chain security on strategically important technologies, in the context of the threat of the Chinese Communist Party. We also talk about the significance of Russia’s deployment of a hypersonic missile in actual combat, and how the United States, in his view, may be falling behind in “Latent Industrial Capacity” in the new Quasi-war with the Eurasian authoritarian bloc.

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