News From Around the World 3-21-22

Here are some important stories from around the world…

1) Russia deploys hypersonic missile in combat against targets in Western Ukraine. This marks the first time in history that there is documented evidence such weapons have been deployed (unverified reports have existed that Russia deployed similar weapons in combat in Syria several years ago).

See here for more:

For a deeper analysis of this story please see my analysis here:

2) SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, in maintaining his public affairs war with the Kremlin since opening Ukraine up to Starlink satellite capabilities at the start of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, has challenged Vladimir Putin to trial by combat…

See here for more:

3) Sandra Erwin of Space News reports that the US Defense Department is FINALLY taking cybersecurity for America’s vital-yet-vulnerable satellites seriously in the wake of Russian-directed network attacks in Ukraine…

See here for more:

For a deeper analysis that I conducted of Russian cyber warfare capabilities see here:

4) NASA Director Bill Nelson defends the Space Launch System (SLS) after his organization FINALLY delivered the rocket that will be used to launch Americans back to the moon. Sadly, the SLS is “over budget” and “more than five years behind schedule,” according to Eric Berger of ArsTechnica.

See here for more:

For a deeper analysis on the strategic damage this does to the US-China Moon Race see here:

5) President Joe Biden prefers to make deals with tyrannical Venezuelan dictator, Nicolas Maduro, to get Venezuela’s oil back on the global market rather than simply drill for more energy sources here in North America, according to Bradford Betz of Fox Business…

See here:

For a deeper analysis that I did, see here:

Here’s an additional point of concern regarding price hikes for oil in the coming weeks/months not only because of the Ukraine War but also because of attacks conducted on Saudi Arabian oil refineries by Iranian-backed rebels.

6) Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan PRAISES India’s “independent” foreign policy as it relates to the current Russia-Ukraine War. For weeks, New Delhi has been slammed by Western leaders for not joining them in condemning and punishing Moscow for its illegal invasion of Ukraine with sanctions, etc.

See here for more:

For a deeper analysis that I did, see here:

7) US may have “shown China its hand” by economically nuking Russia at the start of Moscow’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, according to experts from the Institute of the Study of War (ISW), and will need “more than sanctions” to “deter China” from invading Taiwan.

See here for more:

Related to this story, Newsweek shared with its readers over the weekend UNCONFIRMED reports from a Russian intelligence leaker that Moscow received word from Beijing at the end of last year that Xi Jinping was planning to conduct a decisive invasion of Taiwan NO LATER THAN FALL 2022.

See here for more:

See my detailed assessment of the matter here:

8) Putin may go nuclear in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and no one is paying attention.

See here:

And see my much deeper analysis here:

Also see here:

And here:

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