How America Loses the Next War


Brandon J. Weichert, “U.S. Intelligence Has Failed You” American Greatness

Brandon J. Weichert, “How China, Russia Could Cripple U.S. Satellites and Threaten the U.S. Military and Economy”American Thought Leaders with Jan Jekielek

Brandon J. Weichert, “US Has Unlearned the Lessons of Pearl Harbor”Asia Times

Jess O’Neill, “Space Force General Says US Satellites Are Attacked on Daily Basis”NY Post

Jacob Paul, “Russia Threatens US Space War After Obliterating Satellite into 1,500 Pieces: Wild West”Express UK

You need this for Christmas:

Republic Book Publishers.


“To answer the geostrategic challenges of the 21st century from China and elsewhere, we need a fully independent and fully funded Department of the Space Force. President Trump, who understands the importance of controlling the commanding heights of space, has taken the lead in this effort.” —Steve Mosher, author of Bully of Asia: Why China’s Dream is the New Threat to World Order

Winning Space elevates Weichert to guru status on space dominance. Read this book and decide where you stand on this far-reaching controversial movement.” —Brian G. Chow, Independent Policy Analyst 

Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower’ will make you think very differently about who and what is flying overhead at any given moment. The domain of Space is critical to our way of life in the 21st Century because we are heavily dependent on the technology and utilization of this environment.” —Dr. James Rice, Senior Scientist, Planetary Science Institute

“There are many good books published each year, but few truly important ones. This book is truly important. If America fails to heed this warning, it will no longer be the world’s superpower. And that will be a calamity not just for America, but for mankind and the cause of freedom on Earth.” —Dennis Prager, host of The Dennis Prager Show 

“When I need to know about ‘the ultimate strategic high ground,’ I call Brandon Weichert. In Winning Space, he makes the case we are vulnerable in that critical domain and must race to catch up with those who mean us harm. God help us if we do not listen to him.” —Gordon G. Chang, author, The Coming Collapse of China

“This work encourages all Americans to support the goals enumerated in Mr Weichert’s book by successfully going forward into staying number one in all National Security war fighting domains, space included.” —Ed

“Weichert has done the country—and freedom—an enormous service by writing this timely, vital, cogent, and compelling book that warns of a gathering danger we ignore at our peril. Every single member of Congress and the executive branch should read Winning Space immediately.” —Robert G. Kaufman, Sure Dockson Chair, Pepperdine School of Public Policy

“Read this book to find out about China’s forthcoming space-based laser weapon, as well as how, notwithstanding the establishment of a U.S Space Force, the Pentagon refuses to consider placing American weapons in orbit. This book performs a vital national service.” —Angelo Codevilla, Professor Emeritus of International Relations at Boston University

“You need to read Winning Space very carefully in order to see the opening salvos of the coming war between the United States, China, and Russia. This is not a remote concept of the vague future. It is upon us already. This book explains how and why.” —Jacek Bartosiak, CEO and Founder of Strategy & Future

“A resounding wake-up call for the country, Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower is an impressively informative and exceptionally well presented advocacy that should be a part of every community, college, and university library American Military Policy, National & International Security, Astrophysics & Space Science collection.” —Michael J. Carson, Midwest Book Review

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