China’s Space Supremacy

Brandon J. Weichert joined Gordon G. Chang and John Batchelor on The John Batchelor Show to discuss China’s anti-satellite weapons and their implications for the United States.

Courtesy of The John Batchelor Show on CBS Radio


Elizabeth Elkind and Stacy Liberatore, “Russia, China are Attacking US ‘Every Single Day’ with Lasers, Radio Jammers and Cyber Attacks in a Shadow Space War, Space Force Commander Claims”Daily Mail

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Brandon J. Weichert, “China’s High-Tech Weapons Out-Fly America’s Alliances” Asia Times

Josh Rogin, “A Shadow Space War is Heating Up Fast”Washington Post

Angelo M. Codevilla, “The Space Force’s Value”Hoover Institute

Angelo M. Codevilla, “Space Force Takes One Step Forward, Two Back…Again”American Greatness

Be sure to pick up the book about which Gordon G. Chang has said “God help us if we don’t listen to Weichert.”

Republic Book Publishers.

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