Wake Up to Hypersonic Threat

This was a Letter to the Editor from a reader of the Dallas Morning News who found my recent article entitled “America’s ‘Maginot Line’ in Space” thought-provoking…

Thank you to the author, Brandon J. Weichert, and The Dallas Morning News for publishing this timely and significant opinion column. It is possible many Americans may not know about the Maginot Line, but all of us certainly know that France could not defend itself during World War II. How many members of the U.S. Congress know and understand that line? How many know that we are now in a similar position to France in 1940?

Why? Because our military is preparing to fight the previous war, not the next one. China’s hypersonic missile threat is real. What does the threat represent? To quote the author, we need to protect “critical American satellites” that are now in orbit from this Chinese hypersonic missile threat.

How much of a threat is this? Last month, Beijing launched a satellite 22,236 miles above Earth. It has been called the “space-stalker.” Translation? It is the highest one up there. It has the best vantage point of everything else. It can pinpoint any of our military satellites and destroy them.

What is Congress doing? Interminable squabbles between the parties and continued funding to our military to fight the previous war, not the next one. Time to wake up.

Be sure to secure your copy of the work by Brandon J. Weichert which the late, great Angelo Codevilla described as having done “A national service”…

Republic Book Publishers.

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