Cuban Generals Dropping Like Flies

Since the start of the incredible people’s uprising in Cuba against their heinous communist dictatorship, I have been questioning why the fearsome Dirección General De Intelligencia (DGI) had not done more to either anticipate or effectively respond to the massive uprising.

After all, the protests are clearly organic and are a response to deteriorating conditions in the country. Yet, DGI appears to have remained silent. The protests have raged and intensified and no serious crackdowns have taken place.

It seems the DGI, without a doubt the most fearsome intelligence apparatus in the Western Hemisphere (yes, you read that right), might be operating behind the scenes. My question about this phenomenon circled around whose side the DGI was falling on?

Was it possible that DGI was remaining low key because they might have been siding with the protesters–or at least banking on the protesters being successful and trying to chart a future for their organization–or were they merely letting the most dangerous dissidents to the communist regime out themselves so as to make it easier on their organization to rid themselves of these dissidents?

Out of the morass in Cuba came a smattering of reports about the death of multiple Cuban generals. Reserve General Eduardo Lastres Pacheco’s death was announced on Cuba’s propaganda network. No details were given regarding the death other than the fact that his body “was cremated and his ashes will be exposed for a family tribute on a date that will be announced in due course.”

How much do you want to bet the Generalissimo had a big bullet hole in the back of his head before his cremation?

While there is only a smattering of reportage on the causes of the general’s death, it is important to note that some official Cuban sources have speculated that Pacheco and three others (whom you are about to learn of) were felled by COVID-19, which is why they were cremated.

I didn’t know that COVID-19 chose its victims with such surgical precision as that of a well-placed bullet…

According to sources, General Pacheco was not just another Communist stooge. He had a real record of service to the regime going back decades. He joined the movement as a young man and served under the legendary (and highly murderous) communist guerrilla, Che Guevara. From there, his service records indicate that he served under Camilo Cienfuegos and helped lead Castro’s assault on western Cuba. Later in his career, Pacheco led Cuban troops in Angola, when Castro’s regime was actively trying to spread his version of the communist revolution to Africa.

If the data provided is accurate, then Pacheco was a legend in Cuban communist circles.

Since the uprising began on July 11, 2021, three other notable generals have died under mysterious circumstances. General Rubén Martinez Puente, a division general in the Reserve was found dead earlier this month. Here is Puente’s official record from a Spanish-speaking paper:

Martínez Puente was a combatant in the Rebel Army and joined the Revolutionary Armed Forces in 1958 as a soldier of the Second Eastern Front Frank País, under the orders of then Commander Raúl Castro Ruz. Starting in 1959, he held various responsibilities, after starting his career in the FAR as a combat aviation pilot. Then he began to climb command and became Chief of the San Antonio de los Baños Air Brigade, the largest in the country. He was also Substitute of the Minister of the FAR, Head of the Antiaircraft Defense and Revolutionary Air Force, Director of the Military Agricultural Union, among other positions. He was also a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and was a deputy to the National Assembly of People’s Power. He was a member of the Cuban troops who went to fight in Africa, specifically in Angola, and received various decorations for the fulfillment of military missions inside and outside the country. According to a report by the International Civil Aviation Organization, General Martínez Puente was the head of Cuba’s air forces when Cuban MIGs shot down the planes of the Hermanos al Rescate organization  on February 24, 1996.

Following that strange death came the death of the head of the Eastern Army in Cuba, General Agustín Peña. According to one news source:

In Peña Pórrez’s curriculum, the leading role of the Tank Brigade in the Eastern Army, head of the Holguín Military Region, head of the Villa Clara Military Region, and of the General Staff of the Central, Western and Eastern Army stands out.

And the death of another notable military commander, on July 20, Reserve Brigadier General Marcelo Verdecia Perdomo, was announced also.

Here is Valencia Perdomo’s CV:

Perdomo, one of Fidel Castro’s bodyguards in the Sierra Maestra, joined the Rebel Army in 1957, at just 16 years old, after being orphaned by his mother at age 5 and working as a coffee picker. He crossed Cuba with Castro with the so-called “Caravan of Freedom” and arrived with him as far as Cienfuegos. During the Playa Girón invasion he was head of a militia battalion and also participated in the so-called “fight against bandits” in Escambray. He was part of units of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) in other provinces, and was sent to fight in Africa. Verdecia Perdomo was also the founding president of the Association of Combatants of the Cuban Revolution, in Cienfuegos. On April 29, he received from the hands of President Miguel Díaz-Canel the status of Hero of Labor of the Republic of Cuba.

The fact that so many of these men were seasoned veterans of Castro’s wars throughout the Cold War; that they were also in command of reserve units, indicates to me that there is something more than random acts of violence directed against these men. It is likely that these men, being of the old guard, given their experience, DGI took these four generals out because they feared these men were either plotting to take power through the street protests or were being cultivated by American intelligence to do that.

It is possible that a terrible blow has been dealt to the longevity of the Cuban protest movement. No matter how many people partake in the revolutionary anticommunist activities on the ground, without proper leadership with connections to the military, the movement will inevitably die. Organization plus popularity is key to fulfilling revolutionary objectives (like overthrowing the communist regime of Cuba). Four of the best people to potentially lead the revolution may have just been killed by DGI.

These four men joined the Cuban communist movement at the start of its existence as very young men. They rose to the top ranks; some of them serving either the legendary Che or Fidel himself (or both). They partook in the most extraordinary missions that Cuba embarked on during Castro’s reign. If there was one group of elites in Cuba who could have fundamentally changed things at the political level, using the popular street protests as fuel for their political fire, it was these men. These four men could claim to be the true inheritors of Castro’s mantle while using the popular protests to grease the wheels of their rise.

So, my initial queries about just what, exactly, DGI was doing might have been answered: they’ve been lying low, letting the real enemies of the communist regime out themselves, while they prepare to silence those dissidents in the dead of night; under the cover of chaos in the streets and a brutal pandemic. This is classic DGI tradecraft, by the way. If I’m right, then any attempt to push the communist regime out has just been seriously damaged.

Then again, maybe they did really die of natural causes. Maybe they weren’t murdered. But all of this happened when the protests did. Greater questions should be asked. If we had a media worthy of the name, they’d be using their immense time and resources to find out. Because we live in a media dominated by special interests with agendas, it’s left to people like me to ask the questions.

My next query is: what will CIA and other intelligence services do to ensure the communist dictatorship in Cuba is finally overthrown? As with the Eva Montes penetration of US intelligence, it is obvious that our CIA is–yet again–outwitted by the scruffy tropical socialists of Cuba. Sad!

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