Biden Must Send Guns to Cuba

Contrary to what you may have heard about Cuba, the island nation has existed under the thumb of a brutal communist dictatorship for decades—not because of anything the United States did in the last two centuries, but because of communist imperialism. The lawful government of Cuba, as led by Fulgencio Batista, was illegally overthrown by Soviet-backed revolutionaries in the form of Fidel Castro, his brutal brother, Raúl, and the mass-murdering Che Guevarra. 

In 1955, the lawful Cuban government of Fulgencio Batista defeated Castro’s forces, prompting Castro to flee Cuba rather than be arrested. In the intervening year, the Castros traveled throughout the Western hemisphere, gaining support and sympathy from Soviet intelligence and a variety of useful idiots in the West. In 1956, the Cuban communists returned to restart their illegal war against Batista’s government.

Like most communist movements, the Castroite revolution was an invasion of a foreign ideology—communism—masquerading as an indigenous peoples’ rights movement. Once in power, Castro did what every successful communist movement has done: it imposed its will on a recalcitrant people with an iron fist. All undesirable Cubans were persecuted, arrested, and murdered. 

In the decades since the Castro regime’s rise to power, Cuba became an impoverished island prison wherein only the ruling class of the Cuban Communist Party prospered. In order to maintain their monopoly on power, the communists also became willing partners to the likes of Russia, China, and Iran—at the expense of ordinary Cubans. 

After countless years of mismanagement, politically induced resource scarcity, and state-sanctioned terror, the Cuban people are finally standing opposed to the evils that the communist regime has imposed upon them. At a time when President Joe Biden and so many Democratic Party elites are raving about the importance of democracy at home and abroad, in places like Russia and Syria, it’s strange that the current administration has only tacitly acknowledged the seismic anti-communist political movement shaking the streets of Cuba. For Biden’s team, it sounds as though the reason the Cuban people are angry is because of a lack of access to COVID vaccines. 

Talk about missing the mark! 

It’s even stranger, though not surprising, to see how so many elected Democratic Party leaders in Congress are utterly silent on the beauty of a true Cuban people’s revolution taking place today in that imprisoned nation. 

Where are AOC and Bernie Sanders to champion the People’s Cause in Cuba today? It seems they’re aligning with Russia in urging restraint in terms of providing support to the Cuban people.

If Biden and the ruling Democrats in Washington were true to their word about wanting to protect human rights and promote democracy abroad, they’d recognize that the Cubans protesting in the streets today represent the true wishes of the Cuban people, not the foreign-backed communist party rulers who dominate Cuba and act as a conduit for Chinese, Russian, and Iranian interests into that country and Latin America. 

The Biden Administration has been outspoken in its opposition to Chinese and Russian aggrandizement on the world stage. Recently, Mr. Biden intimated a willingness to risk war with Russia over distant Ukraine. Yet, when it comes to America’s own backyard—to a nation, like Cuba, that is truly oppressed and whose government has maintained an offensive posture toward its neighbor—the United States, the White House, and the Democratic Party will do nothing about this situation.

The Biden Administration should outrightly declare its support for the Cuban people and begin running guns (and other equipment) that the Cuban people need to defend themselves from the inevitable government crackdown against their protests.

This is not a call for an American invasion of Cuba.

All I want is for President Biden to live up to his self-proclaimed commitment to universal democratic values and human rights. That means the Biden Administration must lend all forms of aid to the protesting people of Cuba. If not, the benighted people of Cuba will surely die at the hands of an authoritarian oppressor as brutally as our former allies in Afghanistan soon will.

The time for hoping for a change in Cuba is over. Today, the opportunity to take action to overthrow that vicious, anti-American regime just 90 miles off the coast of Florida, is at hand. Removing the communist regime of Cuba should be a no-brainer, as it will free an oppressed people and prevent American rivals, like China, Russia, and Iran, from gaining a foothold in Latin America. 

That there is any doubt about President Biden’s intentions shows how poorly matched to this moment in history the 46th president, and the Democratic Party, are.


  1. “Lawful” government of Batista? Sorry buddy half my family is Cuban and had to flee the communists because of their wealth but even they all readily admit Batista and his government were mafia stooges and fascists. You’re a fucking right wing moron. Batista and his henchmen used to tape village girls, hammer 6 inch nails into the eye sockets of any peasant farmers who knew how to read or wore glasses to maintain their feudal control and exploitation of the population. Castro may have failed but his revolution had legs because of the innumerable atrocities and violations of Batista and his most certainly illegal regime. Douchebags like you readily seem to support the worst fascists in Colombia and everywhere else while decrying communist governments yet curiously turn a blind eye to all the war crimes and violence perpetrated by the right (which often lead to the left revolution in the first place). Hmmm…. Please unsubscribe me from your bullshit email list ASAP my inbox is full enough I won’t waste time on your BS


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