Why is the Pentagon Getting Into Domestic Terrorism?

There is little doubt that domestic terrorism is–and always has been–a threat to the United States in the modern age. Whether it be of the Left or the Right, it’s a problem. But, the recent statements by the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), US Army General Mark Milley, during a particularly tense Congressional hearing in which the chairman debated Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) about the presence of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the Pentagon’s training, was bizarre.

Courtesy of C-SPAN 2.

During the highly viewed debate, General Milley insisted that, while he personally didn’t understand the details of CRT, he felt it was “important” for the US military to understand it. Milley then blurted out that he wanted to understand “the roots of White Rage.”

In an earlier post, I elaborated the truth behind Milley’s commentary (that it was not real “woke-ness” but instead a cynical, political calculation on his part to ensure that the Pentagon gets continuous funding in what he assumes is a New Age of Liberal imperiousness in Washington).

But, my friend and colleague, Seth Leibsohn who hosts an excellent radio show in Phoenix, Ariz., encouraged me to do a follow-up about a comment that I made in passing in the first post about Milley’s comments.

You see, during his lecture on defending CRT training for the military before Congress, Milley parried away from Gaetz’s charged comments by reminding his audience that, as a US military officer, Milley had also read the works of communists–Marx, Lenin, Mao–as part of his training.

At the time, Milley and his fellow officers had read these things largely because the United States was at war with a foreign enemy threat doctrine, communism that threatened the safety and stability of the United States, its government, and its way of life.

Reading Marx or Sayyid Qutb’s Milestones makes sense because the DOD was at war with both communism and Islamism.

And let’s get real here: the reason that the Q-Anon cosplayers stormed Capitol Hill was because they believed that Donald Trump did not lose the election and that there was chicanery happening. This isn’t rocket science.

QAnon isn’t a movement; it’s a group of malcontents who were ginned up by internet memes.

Anyway, the DOD taking up CRT as a must-read begs the question: Just who is Milley and Biden’s DOD at war with, praytell? 

While the military does swear to defend the United States “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” there is now a long tradition following the Civil War that the US military is not to be used as a law enforcement tool.

Certainly, domestic terrorism is a concern…for America’s domestic security services, like the FBI, and state and local law enforcement.

In the early twentieth century, when anarcho-communism was exploding (in many cases, literally), then-Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer, a fierce anticommunist, made his Department of Justice–with the nascent Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under a young J. Edgar Hoover–prosecuted a quasi-war against suspected communists in the United States.

The Palmer Raids were a hellish experience. But never were they conducted by members of the United States Armed Forces. They were federal, state, and local law enforcement officers waging the war against those domestic terrorists. A similar pattern was at play during the controversial McCarthy era’s Red Scare and during the Vietnam War protests and Civil Rights movement of the 1960s-70s.

Yes, the US National Guard has been deployed in certain moments of civil unrest, but they are usually severely limited in their actions and the military prefers to hold back and defer to local law enforcement.

During the 2020 race riots, for example, US National Guard was deployed. But their touch was relatively light. Dittos on 1/6, when the military was severely reticent to involve itself that day–even as former Vice-President Mike Pence, who was in the Capitol building, apparently demanding that the military intervene to stop the rioters that day, the military was unwilling to get fully engaged in that event.

We know this because this was precisely General Milley’s stance on a similar issue last year, when Donald Trump was president.

Last year, the country was confronted with race-related, political insurrectionism that was far more diffuse than the events of January 6.

Throughout the country, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and ANTIFA militated against the US government as led by Donald Trump; they committed billions of dollars of property damage; they threatened fellow citizens; they harmed innocent people.

Talk about a stunning difference a year makes…

Even FBI Director Christopher Wray testified last year about the threat of ANTIFA. While he stopped short of labeling it an outright terrorist organization, his description of it sounds pretty similar to how the US national security establishment describes al Qaeda and other designated terrorist groups.

Of course, the vast majority of people who went to march were not violent. But they were not the people who organized the events. Those innocent people who wanted to take part in what they believed was a lawful protest were being used as human shields by the Leftist militants of ANTIFA and BLM.

In fact, these organizations devastated the very communities they claimed to be serving–all in the name of political action (which, by definition is domestic terrorism). And, like any terrorists, these organizations deflected blame for the destruction from themselves to the very authorities trying to bring order and stunt the damage.

Further, it is bizarre that Milley, the same general who purportedly got into a “screaming match” with former President Donald Trump over the forty-fifth president’s desire to invoke the Insurrection Act in order to quell what was a race-related insurrection in the summer of 2020, is so readily wading into what is clearly a domestic political issue, such as CRT.

While the Q-Anon riot at Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021 was a caustic scene, it ultimately paled in comparison to the widespread damage that Leftist militias visited upon the country throughout the summer of 2020. Milley may have been correct when he admonished Trump Administration officials that his hands were tied legally when they sought to invoke the Insurrection Act.

That is for lawyers to debate and determine. Personally, I see little distinction between the terrorists who plagued the country in 2020 and the Q-Anon rebels who vandalized Congress on January 6.

Courtesy of Axios and CNN.

Why was Milley and his fellow officers so certain that Trump could not deploy military force to stem the violence in 2020 but they are now certain that the military has any real application to whatever is going on between the Biden Administration and these Q-Anon weirdos?

Shouldn’t America’s vast military might be pointed outward at the multiple foreign threats that now challenge the safety and security of the United States, rather than chasing domestic criminals?

Remember this scene from the great Battlestar Galactica:

Courtesy of NBC Universal.


    1. Thank you! I obviously don’t plan on delving too deeply into this story, but DoD really needs to stay focused on foreign threats and let the domestic security and lawmakers sort out the domestic issues. It’s like trying to use a bazooka to kill an ant hill. A lot of back-blast and unintended consequences in that case…


  1. What was the name of that movie with Bruce Willis in which a domestic terrorism situation had become a threat to the Nation? The President wanted to use the military to control the situation and the General played by BW attempted to dissuade the civilian leadership in Washington because they really would not want the military in charge of the situation. The President finally declared Martial Law and BW went all out on the employment of the military to control the population and the civil authorities soon rued the day they insisted on it. In the end, BW is shown as the bad guy and civil order is restored. Don’t remember much of it but I recommend so that those advocating this solution should think twice before allowing themselves to be lured into accepting it. There was another movie with similar situation and the protagonist (I believe) said that’s how all military dictatorships begin, by promising to diffuse civil unrest and restoring Law and Order. Beware, they are not always in the military and they are not always in the higher ranks. General M should have been sacked. There is still time before he does much more damage.

    I remember how the “liberals” and Biden and his crew almost ranted with the fake news that President Trump was going to declare Martial Law and how they and the media played on the used of non military Federal agents employed to guard Federal property calling Martial Law this lawful employment of the Federal resources. They constantly spread fake news that the President was planning a Coup should he lose the election and other such lies. Now it is they who are actually preparing to do the same thing and are at the training stage for the troops. The initial stage of propaganda stirring the animus of the Armed Forces.

    Just because May is over and June just a day and a half about to depart doesn’t mean it’s safe. July is here and is usually a fairly well used month for civil unrest, to use a mild description.

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    1. You’re talking about The Siege. Starring Denzel Washington, Annette Benning, and BW. Fantastic film that predicted 9/11 (came out in ’98). God, I miss the 90s…

      Remember 9/11 and how the Left was panicked that GW Bush was going to use the military to round up all the Muslim-Americans? Remember how everyone still laments the internment of Japanese-Americans during WW2? It’s amazing how the Left has flipped. The people who did 1/6 were bad people. But what movement did they represent? Yes, they were ginned up because they thought Trump had really won. But that isn’t a movement as much as it is a grievance…and there was no organization or coordination. Anyway, it’s really a bad idea to turn a group of crazies into the next al Qaeda-level threat (they’re not). This isn’t worth it…no matter how much political gain the Dems may think they get from these moves in the short-term. This isn’t worth it in the long-run. The country won’t survive this way. We’re better than this. We have to be.


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