The Big Tech Cover-Up of COVID-19

Courtesy of CBS Radio.


British doctor and his secret campaign to gag the Covid lab leak theory: He worked in Wuhan and manipulated coronaviruses — yet orchestrated a campaign to clear it of blame and tried to hide his tracks. Now we publish the evidence, writes SIAN BOYLEDaily Mail

The CRISP-R Baby Scandal: What’s Next For Human Gene Editing? – Nature

How China’s Communist Party Made the World Sick by Bill Gertz – Encounter Books

China’s Growing Biotech Threat – New English Review

Controversial World’s First Monkey-Pig Hybrids Born in China – Interesting Engineering

Is China Using CRISP-R to Create Super-Soldiers? – Biospace

China’s Biotech Boom Could Transform Lives–Or Destroy Them – Foreign Policy

Pet Cloning Service – Sinogene Official Website

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