The truth behind UFOs

This article originally appeared in Brandon J. Weichert’s column at The Washington Times…

An unidentified aerial phenomenon might appear to be a UFO, but more probable explanations exist

In 2019, a series of patents for the United States Navy was made public. The technology in the patents represent a quantum leap in military technology. These are the sort of advances that would ensure the United States could defeat any near-peer rival, such as China or Russia, handily. This experimental technology, as represented in the Navy’s patents, would solidify America’s dubious position as the world’s hegemon for the next century.

The patents include plans for a high-temperature superconductor, high-frequency gravitational wave generator, a “force field-like ‘electromagnetic field generator,’” a “plasma compression fusion device,” and a hybrid aerospace/underwater craft featuring an “inertial mass reduction device.” As one credible report indicates, not only did the Navy file these patents but a working prototype was produced displayed for the leaders of the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR).

Other than the patents that were filed with the Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) and some wild emails that were leaked from NAVAIR, much of the Navy’s exotic technology development remains highly classified. What is clear is that the technology in the patents, if they were ever encountered by unsuspecting people in the real world, would likely appear to be UFOs. Or, in the Pentagon’s preferred parlance, “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon” (UAP).

Despite the press reports on the Navy’s bizarre and highly secretive exotic technology programs, no official comment has been made. Instead, what has occurred over the last two years, has been the endless discussion of purported UAP encounters from U.S. Navy and Marine Corps personnel. Rarely have members of the United States Armed Forces, active or retired, publicly admitted to UAP encounters. Not only have these well-respected pilots, sailors and Marines made their experiences public, but the Pentagon has also allowed for the release of official footage and sensor telemetry pertaining to these bizarre events.

But isn’t it strange that the most compelling UAP encounters in decades were all experienced by members of the Navy, the very same branch that has been developing the exotic, next-generation technology as described in the patents above?

Perhaps a cover story was being concocted. Wouldn’t it be better for America’s enemies to be ignorant of advanced U.S. military capabilities for as long as possible? If the UAPs the Navy has encountered did belong to a highly secretive research project embedded within the Navy itself, it makes sense that the technology would be covertly tested against America’s most advanced warfighting systems (and best-trained personnel).

Until I see Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz testifying before Congress, the alien option is wildly speculative.

Sherlock Holmes once stated that, once you’ve eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, is the truth. While we cannot rule out extraterrestrials, we also have to explore more terrestrial — more probable — answers to our investigation. That leaves the possibility that what’s being encountered are highly advanced, secretive military technologies. If that is the case, then it either (hopefully) belongs to the U.S. military or (more frighteningly) the technology belongs to China or Russia.

Before anyone writes this article off as being part of a vast Pentagon cover-up, keep in mind that some of the most advanced American technology — like stealth planes — was not developed overnight. It took nearly two decades for the Pentagon to build out the experimental technology and even longer for them to acknowledge its existence.

Many believe that some of the earliest UFO sightings near Area 51 were, in fact, early prototypes of the stealth plane. Beyond that, there are countless other exotic military technologies in development that could easily be mistaken for UFOs today but will, over time, become mainstream weapons in America’s arsenal of democracy.

One of the most popular UFO sightings, the so-called “Phoenix Lights” in 1997, were of a massive, black triangular craft hovering over Phoenix. It looked like a gigantic stealth plane. The only difference was the way that it silently floated over the city — almost as though it were employing some early version of the technology that the Navy patents discussed above display.

Conjecture on my part? Yes. But so is the alien option.

And what about a foreign adversary? It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that either China or Russia, two highly advanced nations with an incentive for outpacing the Americans technologically, would be developing some new, highly secretive, advanced technology designed to check American power. There is already loose talk about the coming world war between the three powers and their allies. Who’s to say that either Moscow or Beijing is not developing next-century-level technology to beat the Americans if that war were to ever erupt?

When World War II commenced, Nazi Germany was, in many respects, technologically superior to the Allies. The Japanese Empire had also pioneered several new technologies (such as biological warfare and aircraft carriers) that gave the Axis Powers a significant edge over their Western rivals when hostilities commenced. China and Russia could be doing the same.

Whatever the explanation behind UAPs may be, we cannot ignore this. But we also cannot jump to the wildest conclusion of all: that aliens are visiting us. Especially when much earthlier explanations have yet to be fully explored. It’s the duty of the press to judiciously investigate. Instead, we’re getting mindless clickbait and useless fearmongering.

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  1. Very interesting and well stated arguement. I would posit, however, if this is our own home made tech that we’re testing against our cutting edge systems and operators, isn’t leaving the whole UFO UAP thing open just attracting way way more attention to the technology than If we informed the naval personnel it’s a test and told them to remain silent? This was done with the SR71 even when it was operational personnel at AF bases were told not to look at it, it’s too secret. Opening the UFO door by flashing this tech whether for testing or other reasons, seems quite contrary to keeping it a secret, all it’s done it put it on the front page of every paper and television channel and website on the planet! I sincerely hope the people running or military and intelligence agencies are not this STUPID, but I guess given the invasion of Iraq and various other fiascos it’s not impossible they are.


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