Biden Won’t Save Us

This response to my recent Washington Times op-ed from Stanley Orman in Rockville, MD appeared in The Washington Times…

The interesting and relevant commentary piece by Brandon J. Weichert (“Addressing, and strengthening, the weaknesses of the U.S. military,” Web, March 31) is spoiled by the weak ending suggesting that the Biden administration quickly address these problems.

Mr. Weichert correctly points out that U.S. forces are spread thinly throughout the world and their equipment has been strained to breaking point. China’s efforts have disrupted what had been established as the international order, and the threat to the U.S. and its allies will continue to increase.

In specific areas Mr. Weichert notes that the U.S. lacks adequate submarines, the air force continues to struggle with F-35 problems, and the newly formed Space Force has no program to protect our vulnerable satellites, nor does it have a program to threaten our enemies’ satellites.

Understandably, the only solution offered for this sad deterioration in America’s standing is the hope that President Biden will correct the situation. This is a forlorn hope in a president who has made it abundantly clear that America has no right to be a superpower; he does not even believe it has the right to be a nation with secure borders.

Those who voted for the current administration now must bear the burden of our depressing decline, hopefully recognizing their error before the 2022 election.

Be sure to purchase “WINNING SPACE: HOW AMERICA REMAINS A SUPERPOWER” by Brandon J. Weichert here:

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