America is Losing to China

Courtesy of Salem Radio Network.


State Department Claims COVID-19 Came From Lab, Bloomberg

NIH-UNC-Chapel Hill Project Creates COVID-like Disease in 2015, The-Scientist

The Washington Times’ and Washington Free Beacon’s Bill Gertz on COVID Origins

How Biden Can Address Climate Change Without Killing US Economy, The Weichert Report

The Biden Plan for Space, GovInsight

WHO Team Investigating COVID Origins Denied Entry to China, BBC

In May 2020, former President Trump Speculated COVID-19 Came From Lab, CNN

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) Claims COVID Came From Lab, Wall Street Journal

China Bankrolls Major Clean Energy Initiatives Globally, Time

Xi Jinping Promises to Fight Global Warming, New York Times

China’s Emissions Could Peak 10 Years Earlier Than Paris Climate Pledge, Carbon Brief

China’s Rising Emissions Prove Trump Right About Paris Agreement, The Hill

David P. Goldman Writes About How China Will Assimilate Us, Bombardier Books

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