Revolutions Are Not Defeated with Hugs

Today marks nearly a week of national riots that have caused unmitigated amounts of damage, both to local communities and the national economy. Further, they have put ordinary citizens at risk–with no sign of abating. As time progresses and the riots continue, the situation gets worse. The media continues saying that we’re experiencing justified protests over “systemic racism” or something.

In fact, the protesting ended the moment raging crowds laid siege to a Minneapolis police station and ultimately blew it up–sending the police fleeing from their station and creating extreme disorder as well as sending a signal to the world that the US authorities have lost complete control.

In response, the leaders of states and cities affected by these riots stood by; police and National Guard were ultimately called in with heavy equipment…but never given reliable rules of engagement. So, what began as a small spark has devolved into a raging inferno. And this inferno will not simply “burn itself out” like so many in Washington and the media assume.

The riots are an insurrection. Galvanized over the apparent murder of George Floyd while under police custody, the protests became a political cudgel that radical Leftist groups, such as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter (BLM) and so many others that we’ve never heard of, soon took over and compelled toward greater levels of violence. The goal is simple: it is not bring George Floyd’d murderer to justice. The Minneapolis Police officer who strangled Floyd to death with a knee to Floyd’s throat was arrested and is awaiting trial. He is being dealt with and justice will be had by all.

The rioters are insurrectionists interested in overthrowing our capitalist republic and instead seek to impose a variation of Marxism that would disband private property and use the force of government to redistribute that private property and wage a tireless class war that would obliterate the country in much the same way Marxism annihilated Russia (and every other country where it has been tried).

It is unlikely that they will achieve this goal. But their insurrection will have the salutary effect (for them) of removing their great enemy, Donald J. Trump, from political office and put a fellow traveler, former Vice-President Joe Biden (and whoever he nominates as his running mate) back in power, where the revolution can continue with little pushback from the feckless conservatives in Washington, D.C. So, either way, at this point, the Left marches to victory…unless they are decisively stopped…which, thus far, President Trump has been unwilling and unable to do.

On Friday, protests in Lafayette Square right across from the White House in Washington, D.C. got so bad that the president had to be evacuated down to the PEOC bunker beneath the White House. After that, the White House was darkened at night, so as to avoid being targeted by rioters who might have been armed over the weekend. Then, the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church, a mainstay in Washington (this author used to pass by every day on the way to work and my family members have routinely attended the church for Ash Wednesday services), was purposely targeted as being a symbol of Christianity–in much the same way that the Leftist insurrectionists in Los Angeles attacked four Jewish synagogues, a day school, and a market.

In typical Marxian fashion, they’re targeting the symbols of our national greatness for destruction. By the way, had those protesters managed to invade the White House, they would have most certainly hunted the president and his family down and done them harm. That’s who we’re up against.

What was the president’s response?

Oh, right, nothing.

Ultimately the president gave what was an excellent speech in the Rose Garden followed on with a momentous walk down the street to the burnt out St. John’s the following day, to show solidarity with the country’s besieged Christian population as well as to prove that he was getting tough. He moved US military forces into position and chided state leaders around the country to get tougher on the rioters.

Yet, the president stopped just short of invoking the necessary Insurrection Act, an old law that allows for the president to send US military forces into the country to quell any insurrectionist activities. The Insurrection Act of 1807 was passed for dealing precisely with situations the country finds itself in and it supersedes the Posse Comitatus Act, which purportedly prevents the use of US military forces on American soil.

The president failed to act again. Instead, he flew US military helicopters over the heads of raging rioters in Washington, D.C. Put on a big show. And accomplished nothing. On Tuesday, Washington, D.C., the federal city, imposed an 8pm East Coast time curfew. The implication was clear: if anyone is out beyond that time they will receive a thrashing from the US National Guard, Secret Service, police, and military forces on hand to make them comply.

The curfew was a lawful order. Noncompliance is a punishable offense. This was a red line–whoever blinked first, lost. Trump blinked first when rioters remained out and suffered no consequences. Thankfully, there was no bloodshed. But now the rioters around the country, who are being led and coordinated by Marxist insurgents belonging to groups like ANTIFA, know how far they can go against this president.

And if Trump thinks that the state leaders will be cowed into using their police and National Guard forces more decisively to stop the unrest, you’re nuts. Most of the riots are happening in Blue States and Blue Cities. The leadership at the local and state levels do not want to end the riots too early because they want to blame Trump; they want to harm him politically at the expense of their citizens’ safety and financial well-being. For Trump to end this insurrection now, he must invoke the Insurrection Act and take direct control. Failure to do constitutes a failure to stem an insurrection aimed at the political destruction of this country through unlawful means.

To show you how bad things have gotten, today Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was compelled to apologize for having used the term “battle space” to describe Washington, D.C. under riots. He further supplicated himself before the altar of Political Correctness by apologizing for having used helicopters to scare away rioters (to no effect, as it turned out). The Secretary of the Army has since opened an investigation into the incident in Washington, D.C. Esper further stated that he did not think it necessary to use US military forces to quell the insurrectionists.

This is not how one responds to insurrection. One must stamp down–hard–on the insurrectionists lest the insurrection win. Meanwhile, police and National Guard forces have been pictured hugging and even encouraging the riots around the country. It’s, frankly, pathetic. The goal of the insurrection is to destroy our political system. Such a goal is inimical to our constitutional order. The president, as chief executive of the government, is well within his rights to squelch the insurrection. His secretary of defense has clearly not figured this out nor have many people in uniform, sadly. The entire legitimacy of our government is at stake…and the government is failing.

As this occurs, the investigation into the Obama era Russia collusion scandal heats up with the testimony of former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein before the Senate Judiciary Committee. After being grilled by curious senators, Rosenstein finally admitted that he’d never have signed off on the FISA warrants which propelled the Russia collusion investigation from its infancy three years ago. Without Rosenstein’s signature on those warrants, there would not have been any investigation into Trump and Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation would have never happened.

Did you hear this in the mainstream media today or were you inundated with continuing riots and questions as to whether or not Trump is an orange dictator? It’s likely the latter and that’s the point. Oh, yeah, and then former President Barack Obama, the man who did nothing for the black community despite having been the country’s first black president, gave a turgid and plodding Zoom talk about race and the riots this evening. He did not even look like he wanted to be there. It’s likely Obama wanted to be anywhere but there.

But Obama had to galvanize the Leftist radicals in this country while further distract the public from the fact that he and his national security team presided over an illegal investigation into the Trump Campaign and basically established a rolling administrative coup against Donald Trump once he was elected, so as to prevent Trump from implementing the policies he was elected to enact.

All of this could have been avoided had President Trump acted to stamp out the insurrection days ago. Instead, the riots continue and the truth about what the previous administration did (in terms of abusing its power) go unnoticed and unreported. What’s happening right now is obscene and only the president can stop it…and he isn’t.

As the president might say, “Sad!”

©2020, The Weichert Report. All Rights Reserved.

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