How Captain Crozier’s Firing Impacts the US Election 2020

Courtesy of The John Batchelor Show.

US Navy Captain Brett Crozier was removed from command of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, after it was determined that he distributed a letter detailing his ship’s condition as being combat ineffective to personnel outside of his chain of command. That infamous letter was made the front-page news item for the SF Chronicle last month and became a hot button topic in the ongoing, contentious US Presidential Election between Republican President Donald J. Trump and former Democratic Vice-President Joe Biden. In this interview, John Batchelor and I discuss the political ramifications of the controversy. Also, as this interview was done on April 12, it is important to note that the Department of the Navy is potentially going to rehire the captain after the Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas B. Modly openly criticized Captain Crozier while on a tour of US Navy forces in the Pacific, Modly has resigned.


Don’t Make a Hero Out of Captain Crozier

Navy Chief Resigns After Slamming Carrier Captain

Navy to Rehire Captain Crozier

Biden Says Removal of Captain Crozier ‘Close to Criminal’

Trump Says ‘I Agree 100%’ with Navy’s Decision to Fire Crozier

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