Pentagon Prepares for Longer Shutdown (And So Should You)


Everyone is getting twitchy right now as the country remains in lockdown. How long can we possibly endure this? The news continues claiming that the modeling about the coronavirus outbreak was wrong; that it ended up being not as bad. They neglect to consider that measures taken to “flatten the curve” likely have helped to prevent things from becoming truly awful.

Then again, however, few outside the medical community appear to comprehend the chaos that has befallen most hospitals and doctors’ offices since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) here in the United States.

Again, many of my fellow Rightists are simply wrong when they argue that the disease is just another version of the seasonal flu or that the models are totally wrong.

Whatever the commentariat may be arguing, it’s important to look at actions. Around mid-February I received an email indicating that the Pentagon was banning all domestic travel for its personnel and their families until May 11. This complicated my schedule but it was understandable. Now, I am hearing from those in uniform that the Pentagon is preparing to possibly extend that travel ban beyond their May 11 deadline.

I have used that May 11 timeline as a point of reference when attempting to determine when the Trump Administration will attempt to return things to normal. Now that the Pentagon is at least entertaining notions of expanding out its shutdown, we too must prepare for an extension of the shutdown beyond mid-May.

Several weeks ago, the president uttered his belief that he might have to keep things shut down until August. People freaked out at that. He then followed that press conference with another in which he said he might open the country back up by Easter. The president came back out in a following press conference saying that which I had known all along: there was no way he was reopening the economy by Easter.

Now, the Trump Administration is making utterances that it will reopen the economy by early-to-mid May. While this remains a possibility, given the Pentagon’s decision to plan for extending their travel ban, it is likely that the White House is planning to impose the shut down longer than early May. Possibly until June.

A doctor down here said recently that he believes the only way the White House is going to remove the quarantine is once more people have died as a result from the oncoming economic depression than have died from COVID-19.

Much of this is rumor right now. But, as you’ve seen, The Weichert Report has been 100 percent accurate in its anticipatory coverage of this outbreak. Stay strong, friends. We’re not out of the woods yet.

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