Harsher Measures Coming in US to Combat COVID-19 Outbreak?


Your March 21, 2020 weekend update from “self-quarantine”

The Trump Administration is being optimistic in public about our ability to both survive economically the impacts of COVID-19 and to medically make it through this crucible. They should be. However, don’t be left behind on the information cycle. There are seeds the Trump team have been planting over the last several weeks that indicate several things: notably that it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

There are already bottlenecks at testing facilities, there are already issues with ventilator supplies, there are already overwhelming numbers of patients showing up in New York, Seattle, and California hospitals with the disease–with still more projected to come around mid-April. And, while Trump should be commended for encouraging the use of existing medicines to treat the disease, we should not kid ourselves: this COVID-19 outbreak will not dissipate until a vaccine is discovered.

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