Coronavirus, Oil Prce War, and Deutsche Bank Collapse?


Your 7:00 update for Monday March 16, 2020.

The three biggest economic stories of this year thus far have been the coronavirus downturn/response, the oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia, and the potential collapse of Deutsche Bank. These three stories are linked. Unless there is a real calming of the markets, then, we could be looking at the next great financial collapse. Although, the European Central Bank has great incentive and power to do whatever it must to stop Deutsche Bank from replicating the fate of Lehman Brothers. Still, the longer the coronavirus slows demand and the more that the oil war heats up, keep an eye out on this story. Follow me @WeTheBrandon on Twitter and like @TheWeichertReport on Facebook (the page is being punished by Facebook for reporting the truth about #Coronavirus in #China).

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