Globalization Has Made America Vulnerable


The coronavirus has exposed America’s weaknesses, thanks to globalization, open borders, “free” trade, and all of the other things the #NeverTrump oligarchs who run America & the West have told us. Brandon J. Weichert discusses these trends, his upcoming book from Republic Book Publishers, “Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower,” and Joe Biden, cognitive decline, and the Democratic Party with Seth Leibsohn of Salem Radio Network’s The Seth Leibsohn Show.

Courtesy of The Seth Leibsohn Show and Salem Radio Network.


Making America Anti-Fragile

Trump Needs to Stick It to China

Coronavirus Proves Bernie Sanders’ Love of Centralization WRONG

Iranian Regime and Poor Hygiene Policies

Globalization Leads to Coronavirus, It’s Even in The New York Times

Italy Joins China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative in April 2019

Joe Biden Does Not Play Well In the South

The Perfect Storm: Coronavirus

Biden vs. Bernie: Whoever Wins America Loses

Trump Needs Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Even Minnesota

The Scenario Where Biden is Competitive (a Piece I wrote in 2018)

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