Rush Limbaugh Praises Brandon Weichert's October Column On Impeachment

Courtesy of Rush Limbaugh. From 2 October 2019 (audio only).

RUSH: I was gonna get to this today, but it got sidetracked. There’s a story in the American Spectator today by Brandon J. Weichert and it’s entitled: “A Deep Cleansing of the Deep State Is Coming.” It’s a very positive take on what’s all going down with the effort to impeach Trump, and Mr. Weichert here appears to be very optimistic that Trump’s going to win this going away. It’s not gonna be easy, but that this is gonna result in some swamp draining. It’s kind of lengthy, but he goes through all of this and analyzes why he thinks this.

Basically, it’s that there’s bureaucrats no substance behind anything that the left is alleging here and there’s nothing more than a continual overreach, manufacture of things that haven’t happened. It’s that essentially the total absences of substance and morality here is gonna cause this whole thing to the glows. Now, before you sneer at that, that was Reagan’s belief. That was the foundation of Reagan’s belief system and the ultimate demise of the Soviet Union.

I’m gonna paraphrase, but it’s pretty close to what he said, that they would implode on the utter lack of any morality, that it could not sustain. Now, it sustained for 75 years, and the ChiComs just celebrated their 70th anniversary. But I wanted to call your attention to it.

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