Brandon J. Weichert to John Batchelor: Trump Best American Leader to Handle China

In this piece, Brandon J. Weichert discusses the Trump Administration’s handling of China’s cyberattacks against US companies, like Equifax, and asserts that President Trump is the best person capable of dealing with a clearly hostile (and weakening) China.

Brandon Weichert, editor of The Weichert Report: World News Done Right and a national security policy analyst specializing in emerging technology, talks about the recent Nine-count indictment filed in Atlanta of four members of China’s People’s Liberation Army, who hacked into Equifax and stole massive data on millions of Americans. The PLA is sworn to serve and obey, not the Chinese nation but the Chinese Communist Party.  Meanwhile, Boris Johnson’s government has decided to let Huawei’s 5G network in to some extent to the UK [basic data transmission structure]. The US under the Trump Administration has decided to prevent that. President Trump is agitated over some matters related to China, which is stealing information from the West at unprecedented levels. The president has proven that under some circumstances, he’ll pounce, sometimes to prove a point or sometimes to extract meaningful concessions from counter-parties–as Brandon suspects Trump is doing with China presently (the first time a US president has stood up in any meaningful way to China’s brinkmanship and humiliations of the United States in decades). There is, indeed, a new sheriff in town!

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