INTERVIEW: BBC World Update’s Dan Damon Interviews Me About the Canadian Threat to America

Here is my part of the episode:

Click here for the full interview, please (begins at the 32:13 minute mark, but it was a pretty decent episode overall). At 13:13, they play “Blame Canada” from South Park which is pretty funny.

On 7 February 2017 I was interviewed by presenter Dan Damon of BBC’s World Update and was asked to debate Ottawa-based Dr. David Perry a Fellow at the Canadian Global Affairs Institute. The issue was over my recent article on Canadian refugee policy. Aside from Dr. Perry accusing me of presenting #FakeNews and “fictional accounts,” (NOTE: I was not) I thought it was a pretty good interview.

Here is Syed Hussan’s speech on the need for Shariah Law:

In case anyone was wondering, here are the links to my “Fake News” Sources:

James Comey & Jeh Johnson 1 October 2015 Syrian Refugee Testimony to Senate Homeland Security Cmte

Customs & Border Patrol Testimony to U.S. House on Canadian Border Threat

2016 Canadian Federal Department of Public Safety Report on Ineffective Trudeau CT policies

Canadian Counterterrorism officials “stymied” by Trudeau Government policies

Strong Support for Shariah in Canada

Massive Senate Report: Mexican & Canadian Borders ‘Significant’ Terrorist Pathways

Jihadists Rejoice Over Trudeau Victory

Canada’s Growing Jihadi Cancer

Waled Phares’ “Future Jihad: Terrorist Strategies Against America” (pg. 286-87)

Alarm Bells in Congress: Canadian Acceptance of Syrian refugees

Canadian Border Bigger Threat Than Mexico’s

Sheer Size of US-Canada Border Stokes Terrorism Fears

In Europe & the UK, refugees classified as “children” are military-aged adults

Who Runs Canada’s Extremist Networks?

The Muslim Brotherhood in Canada: Civilization Jihad




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