VLOG – Aleppo, Russia, Obama, and Trump: An Assessment

Here is a link to Compassion International, a Christian organization helping to protect the children of Aleppo. Also, here is a link to Ann Voskamp’s blog, she is a Christian writer doing much for the children of Aleppo.

With the joint Syrian-Russian-Iranian forces slaughtering everything in its path, poised to retake the rebel-held stronghold of Aleppo, I analyze the humanitarian crisis the 5 year Syrian Civil War has generated, the massive destabilization of the region, and the increase in influence and prestige of the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran. I also address the ridiculous claims by Mainstream Media sources in the West that Donald Trump is a Russian mole or under undue influence of the Russians. This is the result not of Russian deception operations, it is the result of another failed component of the Obama Administration. I analyze where we are, we are going, and what the effects will be in this video. The evening’s drink is Johnnie Walker Black. Here is the video blog.

Syrian Civil War comparison to the Spanish Civil War

The situation in Syria

FBI: No Trump-Russia Connection

Putin, Alexander Dugin, and Neo-Eurasianism

Russia’s Preemptive Nuclear War Doctrine

U.S. losing the Mideast

Putin extending his reach into Egypt

The NYT’s assessment on the Aleppo evacuation being halted

An interesting assessment on remaining uninvolved in Syria by a Realist in Foreign Policy Magazine

The great Andrew C. McCarthy article on the Obama Administration arming up Jihadists in both Libya and Syria to topple secular Arab dictators.

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