PODCAST–Is NATO Still Useful?

Collective Insecurity

In this podcast, I make the case that Donald J. Trump is not necessarily wrong to insist for a reassessment of NATO’s Article 5, given the fact that most NATO members–particularly those in Western Europe–contribute less than the baseline 2% GDP into the alliance. I also outline how, since the end of the Cold War, NATO has been quite feckless in resolving the issues that it decides to involve itself in, short of massive American backing. Lastly, I challenge the assertion that we have shared interests to the point that Americans are really willing to go to war with a nuclear armed Russia to defend most of the European states that think that they’re going to be protected by NATO (i.e. Ukraine, which despite not being a member of NATO seems to have an implicit belief that we will rush to their aid.) The reliance on NATO’s Article 5 has created a false illusion whereby countries refuse to invest in their own militaries, believing that America will bail them out at the end of the day. We might, but more probably, lest our national interests are truly at risk, we would do to them what was done to Georgia and Ukraine: ignore and obfuscate the problem away. Click here for the link to the YouTube site.


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