PODCAST–The 2016 Presidential Election: Donald Trump Will Win

An Electoral Upset: Look At Brexit & Germany’s AfD Party

Here is my analysis of why Donald J. Trump, the least likely presidential candidate in recent history, will win. I assert that this election will be predicated on the economy and security, meaning that Hillary Clinton will not be able to withstand the tide of Trump and his supporters. I forego what the Mainstream Media and the polling agencies are saying on the sheer fact that a) the pollsters are oversampling women and Democrats and b) the mainstream punditry have been completely wrong about how this election will turn out for the entire year that it has been going on. Why would things change? I make this analysis based on voter excitement for the candidate, Donald Trump, over the presumptive winner, Hillary Clinton. I advise my listeners to take heed of the recent Alternative for Germany (AfD) electoral victories in Germany, Brexit, and the rise of President Duerte in the Philippines as tell-tale signs of things to come in the U.S. Of course, I do not live and breathe by the crystal ball that most of Washington seems to (after all, if you live by the crystal ball you’ll eventually eat glass). However, I attempt to identify key patterns that may be overlooked by the mainstream sources and posit potential outcomes based on these patterns. I hope you enjoy. Thank you. 

Photo courtesy of David Parkins & The Economist


  1. Clinton Lead Shrinks – WaPo
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  5. My Article On Germany’s AfD Party Victories (Before They Won)
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  7. My Interview With Don Kroah on Brexit
  8. The First 100 Days of a Trump Administration – NYPost
  9. Rumsfeld Video Clip Castigating “Old Europe” – AP
  10. The Rise of Global Right-Wing Populism – Foreign Affairs


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